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Event August 2015


Why a right to credit?

People act on the unquestioned assumption that money is what drives the economy. But it is actually our creativity, initiative and enterprise that is the most important requirement for a functioning economy that provides for everyone’s needs. This is the capital from which all other forms of capital derive.

Money has no intrinsic value in the economic processes; but we need it in order to regulate them. It expresses our commitment to employing our talents in working for others and it entitles us to claim for ourselves part of what is produced. And finally, everything that we need as human beings, but which cannot be (adequately) priced in market terms, still has to be financed. This includes every kind of social and medical care, the care and preservation of nature, education, training and research, and the funding of art and culture. 

All economic tasks which see themselves in this way as serving needs require a free source of finance to achieve their goals! This is the aim of the “Credit Initiative”. 

Business enterprises which, instead of pursuing the profit motive, balance their surpluses against the deficits of other businesses - or pass those surpluses to the public purse - and which provide fair wages for their employees, should be able to receive from the European Central Bank charge- and interest-free credits. 

This could be the first step towards a new money and enterprise system - but how will we gain the signatures of a million supporters for this proposal? 

Campaign start:

A million signatures for the right to credit – launch a European Citizens’ Initiative!

22-25 August 2015

The conference will be in two parts

22./23. August – presentation of the concept and the project (with contributions from Johannes Stüttgen, Gerhard Schuster and Daniel Schily) 
24./25. August – campaign seminar for all those who want to be involved in organising the ECI campaign.

Event commences at 20.00 on 22 August.
Event ends with lunch at 13.00 on 25 August.
On Sunday evening (23 August) there will be a shared B-B-Q around the camp fire.


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Event languages: German and English

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